bits and pieces in pen and paint

Back in the saddle

A conversation with a friend during the week reminded me that I haven’t blogged for a while – in fact since January now that I look. As it happens, I have travelled and sketched quite a bit since then, so this will be a quick update on my travel sketching.

February and March were big travel months for me – I was away for five weeks out of six at one stage. That included stays in San Diego, Tokyo, Abingdon, Lyon, Paris, Dublin, Bremen, Freudenstadt and Munich (with a couple of side trips). Here are some of the sketches:

1) I arrived at LAX and drove straight to Old Poway Park to catch up with the San Diego Urban Sketchers


2) a week later we met at the Rancho Bernardo Winery 


3) and in the meantime I had visited the wonderful Balboa Park ( on Valentines Day)


4) my first weekend in Europe was in Paris, with the Paris Urban Sketchers practicing people sketching in the Passages des Panoramas


5) and my second was in Germany:

a) driving from Freudenstadt to Munich via Baden Baden


b) and taking a side trip on the Sunday to Salzburg


And in between quite a bit of work…



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