bits and pieces in pen and paint

Round the world again – and sketching along the way. Part 1: Paris

Business has called me to travel the planet again. Starting with a seminar in London and ending with a global Quality meeting in California, I have spent three weeks bouncing from Australia to Europe to the U.S. And along the way I have tried to meet up with as many Urban Sketchers as I could.

But before I started:

I knew that I would be sketching the new Frank Gehry Louis Vuitton Foundation building in Paris, so on the morning of my departure I took the bus down to Sydney’s new Gehry building, the Dr Chau Chak Wing Building at UTS. This fantastic brick and glass building has custom made bricks to create the wonderful curves and slumps making it resemble a sandcastle or a wet paper bag.
Gehry UTS
But I was so captivated by the building that I nearly left it too late to make it to the airport! Then, after the long flight, I had a Monday arrival in London for a full-on week of what I get paid to do, in the UK and Ireland, with no real chance to sketch.

But first thing Saturday I was flying from Dublin to Paris, with a weekend to spend with Paris Sketchers. By early afternoon, I had met up with Aviva, Carole and Martine at La Bellevilloise and we were busy sketching from the cafe terrace.
La Bellevilloise #1
When Lionel arrived we then toured Belleville, with a sketchers eye, until we stopped late afternoon for a quick sketch of the wonderful Parc de Belleville.
And later we were able to meet up with Kim, Savath, and Dotun at La Closerie de Lilac for drinks and dinner.

Sunday brought a quick early morning tour of the newly opened Musee Picasso with Aviva, Dotun and Claire before Dotun and I left to meet up with Marion, Beatrice and Martine at the Fondation Louis Vuitton. Part fantastical, futuristic sailing ship, part unfurling insect this is another super challenging Gehry building to draw. And with so many different spaces and angles!
Gehry FVL#1
gEHRY flv#2
Then another working week. But with a moment to sketch on my own over dinner …
… and then, later in the week, with Dotun, Aviva and Lionel over dinner at La Bellevilloise (again!)
But my sketching week in Paris wasn’t yet done. Kim helped navigate me to La Nuit du Modele Vivant on the Friday night before my departure to San Diego. My first life drawing, first time with charcoals and chalk. First time in large format. Great fun – if a little stressful – and a great way to finish a week in Paris.

A couple of samples:

The next morning I flew to California


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