bits and pieces in pen and paint

Another US trip

A two week trip to the U.S. Meetings in Washington DC then back to San Diego, then a final, not-quite-planned, day in LA.

Of course this means more time in aeroplanes, and the truth is that on these business trips it is the aeroplanes and airports that provide me with the most spare time to sketch.

So here I am sketching on my flight across the Pacific.


Between meetings in DC and San Diego I had a Saturday morning in DC and a Sunday in San Diego.

I stretched my legs on the Saturday morning, walking 20 mins from my hotel down to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. But the place where I felt inspired (and comfortable) to stop and sketch was across the road from the Willard Intercontinental Hotel. I was very taken with the glass pavilion entrance so sketched as quickly as I could so I could make my early afternoon flight.

Sunday morning in SD was occupied with work, catching up on emails and planning, but I had time in the afternoon to venture out to Del Mar.

Then back into meetings for a week till I had a few moments in the lounge at Tom Bradley terminal at LAX.

And as soon as I got home, Judy and I headed across the road to Scupi’s for breakfast and a coffee.



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