bits and pieces in pen and paint

Magnificent Munich

I’ve now had three weekends in Munich. It is the nature of my current stay that I need the weekends for regeneration and review – so not much sightseeing. But I am puddling out to try to sketch when I can, and trying to sketch quickly (mostly).

There are some magical buildings in Munich. Last weekend I saw this magnificent streetscape on my way back from a (vegetarian) restaurant on Saturday night. I returned on the Sunday to sketch it. It got rather hot while I was sitting out on the street (it was near midday) so I finished the line work as I sat then went back to my room to add the colour.


And this weekend I walked around the corner to one of the medieval city gates (Isartor) yesterday and quickly sketched this. If you look closely at the roman numerals you will see that the clock actually runs anticlockwise!

Isartor 21_6_14

Finally, this afternoon I wandered around to the next city gate (Sendlinger Tor) and sketched it as fast as I (reasonably) could.

Sendlinger Tor

One thing you might notice: the weather has been stunning!



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