bits and pieces in pen and paint

A better Lionel

I’m back in Munich now after an excellent week in Colorado. I am here for five weeks now so have a serviced apartment, with a small kitchenette and all the necessaries for medium-term survival. Here is a quick sketch of the view from the balcony.


In the meantime I’ve had a very productive time in Colorado. After a week of being interviewed & videotaped, been coached and given coaching, been given multiple forms of feedback – from my work colleagues, classmates and course leaders, I now have a much better perspective on myself. And the short answer is: Judy and Juliette were right – I’m just fine. I have a few things to work on but, more importantly, a renewed confidence in my ability. And the 9 of us who went through the course together have forged very strong friendships in the week. It will be fun staying in touch with them.

Here is a sketch from when I tagged along in the golf cart with five of the team.


Oh, and one more thing, the course also focused on fitness for leaders. So I have decided to give a plant-based (vegan) diet a go for a while to see what it can do for my cholesterol levels. Here’s is my first attempt -note the nut-loaf alternative to meat. 😉

So maybe there will be a better Lionel, after all?


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