bits and pieces in pen and paint

Building a better Lionel

So I’m in Colorado for a week on a leadership development course. It promises to be both challenging and interesting, and with any luck beneficial (building a better L.). As a consequence I have bounced across the Atlantic from Munich – and will bounce back to Munich when done, as there is much to do there.

The flight was completely exhausting – Munich to Heathrow (4 hour transit), Heathrow to Dallas-Fort Worth (3 hours transit), DallasFW to Colorado Springs. On the last leg I was asleep before takeoff, roused long enough to have a half glass of water mid-flight, then woke again as we touched down.

So I didn’t sketch so much during the flights, here is a sketch from near the start of the journey:

I slept well overnight so was able to start taking in the views from my magnificent hotel (The Broadmoor) this morning. Here is the view from the breakfast restaurant:

And the view the other way from across the lake.



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