bits and pieces in pen and paint


I have to spend a lot of work time in a Munich this year. This is my second visit so far, and I have another 3 week stint to come in June-July. So it is lovely to be able to mix some pleasure with the work. And what better than meeting up with more Urban Sketchers?

The Munich Urban Sketchers are still planning their blog/web site (so I discovered) so they were a little tricky to track down. But Omar Jaramillo is very active organising Urban Sketchers Germany from Berlin, and was able to introduce me to Miriam in Munich. And last night she rounded up 3 other USkers and we went sketching round the Odeonsplatz area.

Our first sketch was in the Residenz.


As you can see, it had turned into a beautiful evening. And with the lengthening days as summer approaches, we had time to move on to sketch the Opera House.


Then I had to beat a retreat to my hotel to take a call. But we plan to meet again on Thursday…


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