bits and pieces in pen and paint

Sketching around the world -Part 8: Urban Sketchers Paris (2)

On a beautiful Paris Saturday afternoon (that had been predicted to be rainy), I met with a group of Paris Sketchers in Le Musee de la chasse et de la nature (museum of the hunt and of nature). This former private home and collection of guns, hunting trophies, taxidermy, art and kinda weird stuff provides a fascinating range of opportunities to sketch. I started with the large stuffed polar bear:


Then I settled into a comfy chair alongside the grizzly bear. As it happened there was an “artist in residence” (literally: inside the grizzly, and the kids were having conversations with him. This is the view from the other side. I had no idea the artist was actually inside!


I had some extra time so also sketched a wolf and a ceramic donkey. 🙂



When the museum closed we all got together for a drink at a nearby cafe.


And then a bonus activity, sketching a live model at the classic art school, La Grande Chaumiere. The model moved constantly in response to poetry and music that was being simultaneously performed. Very tricky to sketch fast enough, well beyond my skill – here is what is a selection of what I captured:



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