bits and pieces in pen and paint

Sketching our Vancouver Vacation

Judy has taken fabulous photos of our holiday on Flickr (see I tried to keep up with a few sketches. Here are my “sketchbook snapshots” of Vancouver.

This is the view across Burrard Inlet from by the Vancouver Convention Centre, while enjoying a coffee on our first walk along the waterfront. Note the position of Grouse Mountain for future reference. 🙂

North Vancouver

On Monday we hoped to see orcas on a whale watching tour out from Victoria on Vancouver Island. As it happened, we missed out on the orcas but were not at all disappointed. The two humpbacks we saw were magnificent and the floatplane flights between Vancouver and Victoria were brilliant – with terrific views of the islands and strait. Unlike the whales, the planes stayed still long enough to grab a sketch before departure.

Float plane - Vancouver

Float plane - Victiria

Back in Vancouver on Tuesday we ventured just north of Vancouver to a magnificent forest park, featuring giant old growth conifers straddling the precipitous Capilano canyon. And joined by a very wobbly (but assuredly safe) suspension bridge. A perfect spot for a hot chocolate and sketch break.

Capilano Suspension Bridge

A little further north and two days later, after a sketch-free day of cycling around the parks and bays, we visited the Grouse Mountain resort, 4000 feet above the city. Like the whales, the grizzlies in the bear refuge were a little tricky to draw – but the trees stood still (lots of time for coffee and sketching).

Grouse mountain grzzlies

Friday brought a trip to Granville Island, a really neat produce and craft market. We did a great guided walking tour then I lingered to sketch the scene. No coffee or hot chocolate on this occasion – but Granville Island boutique brewery beers were just a step away.

Granville Island Public Market

And on the last day, we hired a car and drove the Sea to Sky Highway to Whistler. Fabulous views of mountains and fjords- and another coffee break to capture the beautiful autumn colours.



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