bits and pieces in pen and paint

A weekend in Singapore

After a week of business meetings in Singapore it was great to have the weekend with Judy to explore. Judy had done all the leg work already figuring out what to see, and I just followed in her wake. Here are a few snatched sketches, taken when we had a moment to pause.

Breakfast coffee

The eateries along Orchard Road don’t really get started before 10 am. To get ourseleves going we took a coffee (complete with Carnation Milk) at a hawker stall off Orchard Rd.

Singapore with Judy #1

Singapore Slings at Raffles

After a lovely morning, and lunch, in the Arab Quarter we wandered down to Raffles’ Long Bar in the early afternoon for the obligatory Singapore Sling. Had a very nice conversation about sketching with the waiter, who wanted to thumb right through my sketch book.

I overcame my discomfort at discarding peanut shells on the Long Bar floor – when in Raffles…

Singapore with Judy #2

…and another coffee to end the day

A queue to get into the small coffee shop in this enormous book store. More upmarket clientele than the workers we shared our morning coffee stall with.

Singapore with Judy #3

…and then there was the Night Safari

but that far exceeded my sketching skills. 🙂


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