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It’s all about me…

So, one of the things that you get to do as part of Betty Edwards’ excellent drawing course in the book “Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain” is to draw portraits. And in particular, self-portraits – which I do more than I should, less due to narcissism (I hope) than to lack of a willing model. So here is a catalogue of my progress to date:

Before starting on Betty Edwards' book

Self-portrait mid June 2010, after a couple of chapters

Self-portrait July 17 2010

January 2010


I keep working at portraits, and I am my most available subject. I am currently finding a rough shading style quite interesting as a way to sketch out the features. I think I’m getting closer.

I am working very slowly through the book, and have just reached the first detailed chapter on portrait drawing. More to come, and better I hope.


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