bits and pieces in pen and paint

I think that I shall never see…

If you look at the last picture I posted (Place de Thorigny) you will see that I couldn’t figure out how to draw the tree in the foreground. So, I have started an investigation of drawing trees.

My first inspiration was during a visit to the Kulturforum in Berlin, where we happened on a special exhibition on the works of Karl Friedrich Schinkel. Now here was a man that could draw trees (here is an example). It was interesting to see how beautifully he could render a tree, but I found this more practical “how to” with a web search.

Being an impatient sort of guy, I then headed out to try to draw some more trees (not having fully digested these guidances, but hey…). Here are my next three tries with trees.

Jardin St Aignan, a hidden park in Paris' 3me.

Trees behind the Mairie

Square Jean XXIII, behind Notre Dame

None of these are great, but I am trying to put more effort into the leaves, the general shape, the lights and shadows – and figure out how better to use the negative spaces. Will keep trying.


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